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CCA works as an intermediary between Colorado’s underground facility owners and CCA’s excavator members.

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Facility Owner Contacts / Resources

  • Comcast Locate Issue Resolution Process (Click here)
  • Xcel Energy Locate Issue Resolution Process (Click here)
  • Xcel Mapping Department.  Interested excavators can request maps of their dig area by calling 303/571-6636.  This may be of value to excavators in two situations:
    • An excavator developing a large site can request this information during the pre-excavation, planning stages of a project, to get an overview of what facilities Xcel Energy has in their excavation area.   This service is provided to avoid having excavators use the locate process for engineering purposes.
    • An excavator can also use this information to review the locate markings Xcel’s locators put down prior to excavation.

CCA Advocacy on Individual Excavator Issues

*CCA Members wanting to report an issue or wanting help with an issue are asked to contact Jim Moody at or 303/290-6611 x15.   2015 – Are Facility Owners Still Providing Sketches?
  • June 19 (Xcel): “Xcel continues to provide sketches.  Beginning April this year we began e-mailing and faxing the sketch to the excavators e-mail address or fax number on the ticket.  We no longer leave them on site, the sketches we deliver can easily be accessed on any smart phone, tablet or computer.”
  • June 23 (Comcast): “To my knowledge there has not been (in at least a month), nor should there currently be a hindrance to excavators receiving emailed sketches. {Unless they are not providing their email addresses within their contact information.
  • (Excavator): “We recently had an issue with a sketch….  It was in Aurora last year where they did give us a sketch.  They didn’t show their line on the sketch so when we hit it directly under the Century Link line that was marked, they said that they had locate marks on the ground.  There were locate marks from Century Link so we didn’t pothole any deeper than what we found matching the sketch.  For this reason, it is imperative that we receive the sketch every time because the paint marks on the ground don’t always tell the whole story.”
2015 – Locator No Shows
  • June 26: Ft. Lupton

Excavator Representation on Colorado 811 Board, Task Forces, Damage Prevention Councils, etc.

  • Colorado 811 Board of Directors – Excavator Director:  Toni Lynn Pascal, Pascal Construction
  • 2015-16 Colorado One Call Law Legislative Task Force:  Jeff Rumer, Underground Infrastructure Technology & Jim Moody, CCA Staff
  • Denver Metro Damage Prevention Council – Excavator Co-Chair:  Anthony Joosten, WL Contractors

Legislative and Regulatory Issues