Ballot Positions

CCA and the CIC 527 Helping Fund Campaign to Oppose Amendment 69, Supporting Amendment 71, Prop 107 and 108

CCA and the CIC 527 Opposes- Amendment 69 creates ColoradoCare, a taxpayer financed, state run system of universal healthcare in Colorado. It would replace Medicaid but not Medicare and be funded through a 10% increase in payroll taxes (1/3 paid for by employee and 2/3 paid for employers). Certain investments would also be taxed at 10%. The amendment would raise taxes by $25 billion or more. The grassroots campaign in support of ColoradoCare is led by State Senator Irene Aguilar - The Colorado business community is mounting opposition through the organization Coloradans for Coloradans - Official Amendment 69 language:

CCA and the CIC 527 Supports - The Raise the Bar, Protect Our Constitution campaign submitted more than 185,000 signatures to the Secretary of State on behalf of Amendment 71. The Secretary of State announced it would appear on the ballot shortly afterward. The amendment would require 55% voter approval instead of a simple majority and by requiring the signatures of 2% of the registered electors in each state senate district. The initiative is a constitutional change. For more information about the Raise the Bar Campaign visit: The campaign is supported by CCA, Club 20, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Colorado Farm Bureau, Action 22, the Durango Herold, the Aurora Sentinel, among many others. Official Amendment 71 language:

CCA and the CIC 527 Supports - The last two initiatives to be approved by the Secretary of State will make significant changes to Colorado’s election system if passed. The Let Colorado Vote campaign submitted 310,000 signatures for Proposition 107 and 108. Proposition 107 would restore Colorado’s presidential primary election last held in 2000. The propositions are being backed by Let Colorado Vote - Proposition 108 would allow the 1.3 million unaffiliated/independent voters in Colorado to choose to participate in the Democrat or Republican primary (they would not be able to split tickets). Supporters include current Governor John Hickenlooper and former Governors Bill Ritter, Bill Owens, and Dick Lamm along with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.  The state parties challenged the initiatives in court but were unsuccessful and there is currently no organized opposition. Official Proposition 107 language: Official Proposition 108 language:

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