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Contractors who perform work for the CDOT and some cities have to meet project On-The-Job Training and EEO requirements. CCA provides an assortment of options for contractors to train and develop their employees into skilled trade people while meeting project OJT and EEO requirements. This web page lists solutions to contractor’s compliance issues and provide opportunities for companies to increase the productivity of their workforce. CCA’s Apprenticeship Program


Recognizing the need for skilled craftworkers in the construction industry, the Colorado Contractors Association, Inc. established an apprenticeship program. The purpose of the CCA Apprenticeship Program is to increase the number of skilled workers in the Heavy-Highway-Municipal Utility Construction Industry through formal apprenticeship training. Objectives of the program are; to develop skilled workers through competency based related instruction and formal on-the-job training, to train workers who will remain a part of the states construction workforce, to provide opportunities for the training and upgrading of minority, disadvantage and women and assist contractors in meeting the affirmation action plans.

Training Method

CCA has had a "COMPETENCY-BASED" Apprenticeship Program, in fact, CCA had the first Competency-Based Construction Apprenticeship Program in the State.

Competency-based training is an instructional system aimed at improving the teaching-learning process in which knowledge, skills, and attitudes are specified before instruction takes place. This is a "state-of-the-art" teaching system which most school systems in the county are just now developing. Vocational Education, CCA and AGC of America have been offering this type of training for years.

Competency-based training means that instead of an apprentice having to train on a loader for 1000 hours, the apprentice would have to perform at a pre-determined skilled level. When the apprentice can work independently with no supervision, the supervisor signs off on the loader and the apprentice can move on to another piece of equipment.

Apprenticeship Areas

CCA has Competency-Based Registered Apprenticeship Programs in the following areas:

  • Carpentry (form work)
  • Cement Mason (concrete finisher)
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Iron Worker
  • Heavy Equipment/Truck Mechanic

In addition to these programs a Time-Based, one-year, Apprenticeship Program in Heavy Trucking Driving is also available. With the exception of the Heavy Truck Driver Program, each apprenticeship program provides both classroom and on-the-job training that is competency based.

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