Training & Education

A study by the Construction Industry Institute, which is supported by the Construction Users Roundtable, stated for each dollar invested in construction training a contractor can expect a return of 30% - 200%. “The benefits accrue in the form of increased productivity, and reductions in turnover, absenteeism, rework and other areas.”  The research explained that construction training is where safety training was fifteen years ago.  “Safety improvements garnered much attention then and the evidence exists that construction training pays off just as well.”  This study concentrated on craft training but research conducted by the American Society for Training and Development shows the average return on investment for the education of supervisors and managers can be over 700%. 

Colorado Contractors Association uses this research to select and promote its offerings of classes and seminars and continue to be the leader in construction education, safety and training for the heavy civil, highway and municipal utility construction industry.  From safety and environmental to basic and advanced management development programs, CCA is offering classes that will either save contractors money, make them money or keep them in compliance with local, state and federal requirements. 

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