Health Insurance

Contractor Health Trust

Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) provides many benefits to their members; one of the more important benefits is health insurance.  We understand that purchasing group health insurance in general is not only costly and challenging, but is an extremely important benefit when hiring and retaining employees. 

CCA and Associated General Contractors of Colorado (AGC/C) recognized the need for a specialized resource to help our association members with health care consultation, and also to create a strong group health care solution that is controlled by our industry and not big corporate insurance companies that may not represent our interests. 

As a result, CCA and AGC/C jointly created The Contractors Health Trust (CHT) in 1968 as a paramount health care solution exclusively for our members.  Here are some recent changes made by the CHT Board of Trustees have ensured that the CHT will remain competitive and an important benefit to our members.

  • Converted to a national Anthem PPO network to allow for greater health care provider choice for CHT participants.
  • Expanded the number of health plan options to a total of eight (8) with deductibles ranging from $750 to $5000.
  • Enhanced the Hour Bank funding methods.
  • CHT has successfully remained 3% below the national average for PPO cost increases over the last seven years!

The future of health insurance is uncertain at best, however, the Trust expects and will continue to provide an affordable, flexible, and comprehensive health plan to the members of CCA & AGC/C.

If you have not looked into CHT recently, CCA encourages each member company to take a fresh look at the Trust. 

A Contractor health care program developed and run by Contractors. The plans include medical, dental, vision and life.  For more information click here or click here for plan options or contact Bradley A. Herzog, Health Plan Director, or at (720) 235-1960.

Below are the Contractors Health Trust Benefit Guides:

    Benefit Guide - Trust750
    Benefit Guide - Trust1000
    Benefit Guide - Trust1500
    Benefit Guide - Trust2500
    Benefit Guide - Trust3000
    Benefit Guide - Trust5000
    Benefit Guide - Trust5000/70
    Benefit Guide - Trust5000/80