Kayleen McCabe

Friday, 11:00 am | Industry Luncheon

Kayleen is an experienced contractor passionate about tools and materials. Coupled with a loyal fan base gained after 5 seasons as TV Host of DIY Network's Rescue Renovation, she is excited to partner with companies in the role of Contractor, Brand Ambassador, Media Influencer, Event Host, Keynote Speaker, and Builder. Kayleen’s passion for the trades has taken her from garages to global summits. She is taking on the role of introducing the next generation to the skilled trades. She has spoken on America’s labor shortage, trade education, career choices and women as skilled laborers.


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She currently hosts 3 live events with The Construction Education Foundation of Georgia which allow her to interview some of the most influential people helping us educate America on the trades; From the US Dept of Education CTAE director to large General Contractors and students that have fulfilled their dreams in this industry. She also works closely with SkillsUSA, NAWIC, ACTE and NCCER on communicating the amazing opportunities in the skilled trades. Kayleen also works closely with her non-profit organization The McCabe Foundation that was started by Kayleen and her father.

Anthony Poponi

Thursday, 10:30 am | Keynote Speaker

Anthony Poponi is the creator of the Focus on the 40™ process and works with both groups and individuals looking to live happier and more successful and fulfilling lives1! His programs bring out the best in clients, resulting in happier people at work and in life. Happier people are more successful and productive than their less happy peers.


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Anthony is a Happiness Expert and the founder of the Focus on the 40TM process. His work is rooted in the applied sciences of Positive Psychology, leadership, and neuroplasticity. Anthony’s purpose is to help others refocus on what really matters, instead of unwittingly chasing what doesn’t bring lasting happiness. This intentional refocusing on the simple sources of happiness directs your attention to the 40% that really matters. Focusing on happiness first allows holistic growth and success to follow.

Jermain Davis

Friday, 7:30 am | Awards Breakfast

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis is Founder & CEO of Jermaine M. Davis Seminars & Workshops, Inc., a personal and professional development company that creates customized presentations, learning resources, and educational materials for individuals, teams, and organizations. Dr. Jermaine began his professional career as a snack food sales rep and a district sales manager within corporate America. He honed his expertise in creating culturally inclusive work environments, building high-performance teams, teaching leaders how to communicate courageously, and coaching employees on how to increase their levels of happiness and motivation so they can thrive and succeed in Life, School & Work. Dr. Jermaine founded Snack Attack Vending of Minnesota in 2003, a snack food company that specializes in helping individuals and companies satisfy their snack food cravings, but after growing Snack Attack into a successful business, he decided to fully dedicated himself to his true passions of speaking, teaching, writing, and film making.


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With his corporate background, entrepreneurial spirit, and accolades as an award-winning professor, Jermaine has positioned him to be a highly regarded communicator, an excellent leadership coach, a captivating keynote speaker, and a dynamic workshop presenter. Prestigious organizations such as 3M, Penn State, Best Buy, Caterpillar, Sam’s Club, Prudential, West Point Military Academy, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car regularly seek out Dr. Jermaine’s expertise in the areas of motivation, leadership, communication, diversity and inclusion, and overcoming burnout in Life, School & Work. Dr. Jermaine, a motivational speaker and keynote speaker was raised by a single mother in the Henry Horner Housing Projects on the West Side of Chicago. Although he endured the tragic loss of six family members to violent deaths, including his youngest brother Greg, Dr. Jermaine was determined to change the direction of his life. Living in the midst of violence and frequent loss of life, Dr. Jermaine became passionate about bringing honor to his family’s name and dedicated his life to helping people break the negative cycles that keep them trapped in destructive lifestyles. As a teenager, he began studying principles of success, and with the encouragement of mentors and teachers, he enrolled in college. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication from Elmhurst College, he became the first person in his family to graduate from college! He continued his education by earning a Master’s in Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University. As an African American motivational speaker, Dr. Jermaine has been actively teaching, coaching, and mentoring college adults for more than twenty years. He is currently a Professor of Communication