Who We Serve

From pipelines to waterlines, highways to railways, together our members build, maintain and improve the infrastructure systems we rely on to live, work and play every day.  Our membership is comprised of general contractors, subcontractors, and other affiliated firms engaged in all facets of Colorado’s infrastructure construction, ranging from some of the state’s largest heavy, highway, transportation and utility firms to a wide range of entrepreneurial small business enterprises and industry support businesses. Many of our members represent second and third-generation family-owned businesses.

We serve infrastructure construction professionals from across the state, including:

  • Highway and Transportation Infrastructure Construction Professionals specializing in federal, state and local highway, bridge, transit, airport runway and railroad projects.
  • Utility Infrastructure Construction Professionals including water and wastewater facilities and pipelines, energy generation and transmission, telecommunications
  • Underground and specialty contractors who perform underground utility work, excavation, tunneling, boring, site preparation and more.
  • Infrastructure Construction Support Services (i.e., Associate Members) including financial, insurance, bonding, materials supply and heavy equipment companies and more.
  • Owner Agencies, regulators and user groups:  We serve as a liaison to transportation, water, wastewater and utility owner agencies, regulators and user groups in the public and private sectors, including CDOT, counties, cities, special districts, federal agencies, private developers and more.