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Colorado needs skilled construction workers. Colorado employs nearly 135,000 people in the construction industry. With thousands of men and women leave the trades every year, Colorado’s skilled trades segment of the industry is exploding with employment opportunities right now – with or without prior experience.

A great state begins with great construction. A career as a tradesman can take you anywhere you want to go, from mastering your own trade to managing, leading and owning your own business.  All while earning competitive pay, benefits and having no student loan debt. 

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CCA and AGC/C Kick Off New Workforce Program
On July 20th, Colorado’s Lt. Governor Donna Lynne announced the creation of a new construction career training program in conjunction with the AGC of Colorado Building Chapter (AGC/C), Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) and the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC). These associations have created the “Construction Careers Now” program in conjunction with Emily Griffith Technical College to attract and add new employees to the construction workforce in Colorado. 

Interested participants in the Construction Careers Now Program will register for a four-week course on introduction to the construction industry.  Participants will register through the CCA-supported website.  The first course will begin September 12, 2016.

With an estimated 30,000 new employees needed in the construction industry in Colorado over the next seven years, this program seeks to quickly add new employees to the Colorado workforce. The program is funded by the State of Colorado in the form of a workforce development grant issued to CCA and AGC of Colorado.  The construction industry is sponsoring tuition for all registrants who meet the basic requirements of being a legal Colorado resident at time of enrollment.

Program Recruiters - Erika Anderson, a bilingual Spanish proficient professional, and Jim Spence, a talent acquisition specialist, joined the Construction Careers Now team as Construction Recruiters for outreach and recruitment for future students to enroll in a Construction Careers Now classes at the Emily Griffith Technology College (EGTC). Both Ms. Anderson and Mr. Spence will work with CCA and the other association partners to develop and maintain a network of contacts to help identify candidates for the Construction Careers Now program. The Construction Recruiters will be responsible for outreach at job fairs, career days, high school outreaches, and construction industry events. They will also develop and maintain contacts with local high schools and other public organizations to find and attract underemployed and unemployed applicants.

Contractor Participation - During the 3rd week of each of the four-week course cycle, CCA Members will have the opportunity to attend a HIRING FAIR where they can talk to the students about the many different careers in the Infrastructure Construction Industry and to make them a job offer. There is an enrollment fee for companies to participate in the HIRING FAIRS and all fees are used to provide free tuition for the students to attend the Construction Career Now course.  CCA Members wishing to sign up for these hiring fairs can do so now on or at HIRING FAIRS

CCA is in the process of developing a working task force to support the program, recruiters, provide guest speakers for the classes and to arrange jobsite visits for the students.  For more information on the Construction Careers Now program contact Terry Kish at the CCA Office.

Learn more about the CONSTRUCTION CAREERS NOW Program
On August 16th we are having an orientation for the industry to discuss the Construction Career Now program in more detail.  The orientation will take place at the 12th and Osage campus of Emily Griffith Technology College. This orientation is open to all Contractors! 

To learn more about the CONSTRUCTION CAREERS NOW program and how to participate in the hiring fairs click here for the orientation flyer and a summary of this new program.

Contractors Orientation
Emily Griffith Technical College
1205 Osage St., Denver, CO 80204