Why Join - Top 10 Reasons to be a CCA Member 

1.  Strong Legislative Influence that Supports Your Business

CCA has one of the most widely respected and effective lobby teams aggressively representing your interests at the Colorado State House. Our primary goal is to obtain increased funding for infrastructure construction projects across Colorado. This includes airports; light rail facilities; bridges and dams; highways and streets; parking lots; underground utilities such as phone, fiber optic, water, gas and sewer lines; power and telecommunication transmission centers; wastewater and storm water pipelines; and wastewater treatment plants. CCA also works to reduce governmental burdens on your business and kills or amends dozens of bills each year that would be harmful to its members. CCA is the voice of those of us who build the vast majority ofour state’s infrastructure. 

2.  Working Toward Regulatory Reform

CCA has embarked to engage in the regulatory arena advocating for clear, fair and reasonable standards. We are working to encourage regulatory agencies to focus on assistance and compliance rather than inspections and fines. We realize this is an uphill battle in today’s environment but CCA, more than any other organization is up to the task. 

3.  Owner Agency Relations and Member Advocacy

CCA membership provides contractors with an effective liaison to owners and regulators throughout Colorado, including CDOT, counties, cities, special districts, federal agencies, private developers and more. Member Briefings and Constructability Reviews provide CCA members with unique opportunities to learn about upcoming projects and to engage informally with public and private owners from across the state. CCA committee and task force membership maximizes the ability of contractors to provide input on issues that impact the construction community, such as methods of contracting, specification creation and clarification, environmental regulation, and affirmative action compliance. CCA membership also provides contractors with access to individual assistance in resolving problems with project owners, utility owners, and regulators.


4.  Workers Compensation Discounts and Dividends

CCA Members who qualify for the dividend program are entitled to a 4% discount on their premium. In addition, dividends paid to members over recent years have been substantial. Also, Members with an audited premium of $20,000 or more can elect to purchase the Individual Loss Control Dividend (ILCD). The premium and losses of policies that elect the ILCD will not be included in the Association dividend calculation and the ILCD is a filed plan that is guaranteed! 

5.  Competitive Group Health Insurance

The Contractors Health Trust was established in 1968 by contractors for contractors and offers a variety of plan designs to accommodate the needs of employers and employees desiring greater flexibility for both salaried and hourly employees. The Trust is contracted with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield which is one of the nation’s largest, most experienced health benefit organizations providing members with the best network and choice of providers. For more information please contact Bradley Herzog, Health Plan Director, at 720‐235‐1960 or bherzog@yourcht.org. Check out individual plans at www.contractorshealthtrust.org

6.  Group Drug Testing Program

The Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) has established a partnership arrangement with Conspire! to offer members a discounted rate for employee drug and alcohol testing and background checks. Members of CCA can also order instant‐results on‐site drug and alcohol test kits through this program.

7.  Vehicle Discounts

CCA and Dodge have teamed up to offer members significant discount on Rams Trucks, Durangos, Jeep Grand Cherokee and more. CCA members also qualify for discounts on GM products, discounts on GM products and fleet service discounts through Enterprise Fleet Management.

8.  Networking

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of CCA membership is the opportunity to network with industry colleagues. CCA holds two annual golf outings, numerous membership meetings, and an Annual Convention & Expo. There are also many committees and task forces to join, speaker series, classes and seminars to attend. 

9.  OJT and Apprenticeship Programs

CCA provides two OJT programs to assist contractors in meeting project training requirements and increasing the skill level of its workforce. The CCA Apprenticeship Programs provides classroom and on‐the‐job training for contractors to increase the number of skilled employees in the Heavy‐Highway‐Municipal Utility Construction Industry through the formal apprenticeship training process. The CCA Manpower Training Program (MTP) provides a method for contractors to train their employees in skilled trade areas while meeting CDOT project OJT requirements. For trainees, the MTP offers the benefit of learning a skilled occupation that can be pursued as a life‐long career. 

10.  Industry Specific Training

The class selection which is offered during the winter and spring months are the most popular sessions that CCA conducts throughout the year. These classes provide CCA members with the majority of their required training which professionals need to manage their projects safely, within schedule and on budget.