Apprenticeship Program

Recognizing the need for skilled craftworkers in the construction industry, the Colorado Contractors Association, Inc. established an apprenticeship program.  The purpose of the CCA Apprenticeship Program is to increase the number of skilled workers in the Heavy-Highway-Municipal Utility Construction Industry through formal apprenticeship training. Objectives of the program are; to develop skilled workers through related instruction and formal on-the-job training, to train workers who will remain a part of the state’s construction workforce, to provide opportunities for the training and upgrading of minority, disadvantage and women and assist contractors in meeting the affirmation action plans.  The CCA Apprenticeship program is approved by the US-Department of Labor-Office of Apprenticeship.  

    To register for the CCA Apprenticeship Program, you must be a CCA member.  For more information regarding apprenticeships, please contact Moses Alvarez, (303) 290-6611 x18 or

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