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AT CCA, we know how important it is to have the latest information on transportation projects taking place in Colorado.  Our longstanding and productive relationship with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) enables members to identify opportunities, build relationships, impact industry trends and receive critical support.   Below is a full menu of services, programs and resources to keep you connected to opportunities.  

Contractor Meetings – need to connect these to EVENTS CALENDAR 

These meetings are open to all interested CCA Contractor and CCA Associate Member

Staff Contact: Randy Drennen, or (303) 290-6611 x14

  • Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) – 3rd Monday of every month – Meeting with CDOT Chief Engineer, Director of Staff Services, Director of Project Development, Manager of Contracts and Market Analysis, and/or their Designees to address issues that affect relations between CDOT and the contracting community.
  • Issue-Specific Task Forces – As needed – Issues identified by the TPC as needing in depth attention are referred to ad hoc task forces made up of CDOT and CCA members.
  • Specifications Committee – Quarterly – Meeting with CDOT’s Specification Committee to review and approve proposed changes to CDOT Specifications.
  • Regional Roundtable Meetings – Semiannually or as needed – Regional meeting with Program Engineers, Resident Engineers, and Traffic Engineers to discuss upcoming projects and emerging issues of concern.
  • Bridge Committee – Annually or as needed – Meeting with CDOT Staff Bridge Engineers to discuss upcoming projects and emerging issues of concern.

CDOT Contact List, Opportunities and More (should this be MEMBER ONLY?)

  • CDOT Management Contact List:  click here
  • CDOT Bid Opportunities CDOT’s “Project Bidding” webpage: click here
  • CDOT projects currently under ad:  click here
  • CDOT’s current letting and advertising schedule (the “Go Sheet”): click here
  • Plan holders of CDOT projects currently under ad: click here  

Disputes / DRBs / Claims


Suggestions for updates/additions to the CDOT resources listed here should be directed to Randy Drennen at or at (303) 290-6611 x14