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Did you know…

  • 98% Colorado construction firms having difficulty filling positions
           (2022 Construction Outlook, AGC of America for State of Colorado)
  • Teens’ likelihood of pursuing a four-year degree decreased from 71% in May 2020 to 48% in September 2021
          (Nov. 2021 Report, ECMC Education & ECMC Foundation)
  • 48% of employees nationwide are looking for work in different industries than they have worked previously, including “non-traditional” industries like construction
           (June 2022 Report: The Great Attrition, McKinsey & Company) 

What does this all mean?

It means that construction firms need to hire the next generation of the construction workforce as high school students are graduating, as well as others who want to change industries and need a real career path. 

Help us to keep your projects staffed all while training the next generation of leaders at your company. All donations are tax deductible via our CWFC.

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