Committee Service  

Committee service at CCA is challenging, rewarding and a fun experience that helps you, the Association and our industry. It is at the committee level that policy is drafted and sent to the Board of Directors for consideration and that Association Directors first serve at the committee level.

Committee service provides opportunities to develop leadership skills that will be used on the job and off.  It is an opportunity to express your opinions and offer solutions to the challenges of the construction industry.  Committee service also provides an opportunity to meet and work with others in our industry-and new friendships are almost always developed.

CCA/CDOT Transportation Policy Committee

Staff liaison: Randy Drennen
The core purpose is to develop and maintain the best possible transportation system for our customers by working cooperatively on the following goals: quality performance and product; program effectiveness; project safety, optimum public and private return on investment, innovation and positive public image and customer satisfaction. Meets monthly to discuss policy issues concerning construction of our transportation system and will accomplish this through the core principles of open communication honesty, dependability, integrity, mutual respect and pride of workmanship.  Contractors Only - Meetings Bi-Monthly at CDOT.  

CCA/CDOT Joint Specification Committee

Staff liaison: Randy Drennen 
The purpose is to provide a forum for contractors and CDOT to mutually develop standards and specifications to improve the construction of highways in the state of Colorado. Goals are to conduct an open forum for problem solving; build relationships that foster trust and a team atmosphere; and to generate specifications which meet the owner's expectations, are fair and equitable, and easy to administer.  - Meets quarterly, scheduled by CDOT.

CCA Political Action Committee 

Staff liaison: Tony Milo
Mission of the CCA Political Action Committee  is to interview and evaluate candidates for state offices and provide this information to the CCA membership. The committee also strives to introduce CCA members to candidates through a series of small breakfasts throughout the state and through other functions during the year including the annual Day-at-the-Capitol held during the spring.   - Meets as needed in election years.

Annual Conference Committee 

Staff liaison: Kelly Lehto
The task force plans and assists with the coordination and running of the Annual Event. - Meets as needed prior to the Annual Conference.

Emerging Leaders Council

Staff liaison:  Randy Drennen

This organization strives to enhance leadership and collaboration of the emerging leaders in the infrastructure industry through professional development, community service and networking. We will maintain a focus on innovation, integrity and safety to ensure the success of industry for future generations. Click here for more information

Legislative Committee

Staff liaison: Tony Milo
Mission of the CCA Legislative Committee is to focus on proposed legislation and advise legislators on the effect such proposed laws will have on the construction industry; to advise the CCA Lobbyists on which bills are supported or opposed and to foster good relationships between the statehouse and the industry.  - Meets bi-weekly during the legislative session.

Risk Management Committee

Staff liaison: Jim Moody
This committee is dedicated to providing high caliber risk management and environmental guidance to the construction industry by providing products and services such as; safety and environmental classes and seminars, group drug testing/background checks/DOT driver qualification services, OSHA and MSHA compliance guidance and monitoring federal, state and local Safety and Health regulations. It plans and develops resources for the industries safety, risk management and environmental managers.